"One heart can love forever, one smile can alter weather, One Life can be the change we need..."


These lyrics are from the title track of Anissa Rose's new album, One Life.  This album reminds us of the value and beauty of every life.  Every life has a story, and every story matters!  No matter how painful life may be at times, it is ALWAYS worth fighting for!  One Life can make a big difference in this world!


Upcoming Events:

May 28: Sing For Joy Concert at Folkungagatan 90 kl. 18.00

June 2: Consert at Kungsträdgården, kl. 14.00 


June 11:  Make Music Sthlm Festival: Concert 13.00,Folkungagatan 90


Album photography provided by Eric Haney



Anissa Rose has been writing music since she was a little girl.  She is passionate about life and seeks to share stories through her music that will inspire others and generate hope!

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One Life

Listen to the songs from the One Life album or purchase your own.  Now available on itunes!

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