"I'm stuck on you" lyrics


I’m Stuck on You

By Anissa Haney

Verse I

C                  Am                       F                                G                  C

You are the one, that I long to hold, and lay down beside in the moonlight.

C                         Am                                     F

You fill up my dreams and you make me believe


That this love is worth holding on to… 


Am                                  G        F            Am                       G              F

When I’m down, you bring me higher, When I’m lost you hold my hand.

Am                             G        F          G

You’re the one that truly matters to me.


      C                              G                                  Am                                        F

I’m lost in your beauty, held by your mystery, marveled by the things that you do. 

            C                                    G

I’m caught in your embrace, Daydream ‘bout you every day

Am                            F               C        G    Am  F  C  G  Am  F                     

Captivated by you baby…I’m stuck… oh…    oh…    oh…      oh…           

                        C    Am   F   G   C

 I’m stuck on you

Verse 2:

C                                  Am                                    F                           G                  C

When you came in my life, it wasn’t looking so bright, I just about gave up on love.

 C                         Am                                                F

You turned me around, flipped my world upside down,


Now I’m sticking with you for life. 


Am                           F                G             Am                                F                     G

I turn to you when troubles surround me, stuck on you through the good and the bad,

Am                     F                        G                Am                              G           F          G

I look to you to lead me through valleys, I laugh with you and I treasure what we have.